Social responsibility
for a sustainable future

Social responsibility
for a sustainable future

OUR Community

Making a real difference in our local community is incredibly important to us – that is why we proudly support our community through upliftment initiatives.

Nothing inspires employees more than being afforded the opportunity to improve the quality of their lives, therefore we strive to motivate, inspire, develop and sustain an ethical environment that provides opportunity and encourages growth.

Training, skills development, upliftment, and asset development within the workplace is our top priority, as we believe that a highly trained and motivated workforce is a happy workforce that upholds professional standards.

Naturally we also focus on the improvement of the lives of our employees, their families and the communities in which they live. Support to crèches, artists, students, sportsmen and personnel count among these projects.

We invest in education and training of employees, as better working and living conditions benefit us all

We invest in education and training of employees, as better working and living conditions benefit us all

Our Initiatives

We run a number of community initiatives that assist with education, health, community developments and community facilities.These development projects are available for all workers and their families.

Community Food Parcels

Every month, for the last two years, we have been delivering food parcels to the Patensie and Hankey community. Two hundred and fifty food parcels get delivered and handed out by the community leaders and members of Endulini Fruit. Over the past 36 months, we’ve handed out over 16, 200 food parcels, thus directly changing the lives of roughly 81, 000 people in our community.

Soccer Teams

At Endulini Fruit we uplift our people by encouraging them to play soccer and supplying them with kit so that they can feel proud. We encourage them to stay healthy and active during the season and support them in their passion.

Medical Clinic

We have an on-site medical clinic with a full-time nursing sister that sees to all our people’s needs.

Old Age Home Support

We organise citrus parcel drop-offs for old age homes in the surrounding area. After the season we deliver fresh fruit to various old age homes for the elderly, spending time with them and treating them to some fresh citrus for the coming months.

Other Support Initiatives


  • As part of our education initiative, we fund school uniforms for our employees’ children, and computers for public training facilities.
  • We supplement school fees, or pay school fees in full.
  • Supplying stationery to all schools in Patensie.
  • We repainted the local play school and restored water access for them.
  • Refurbished the community office and supplied it with computers to aid youth in creating their CVs.
  • We are also rewarding learners who perform well at school with computers.


  • We provide a medical clinic with a full-time nursing sister that sees to our people’s needs.
  • Supply those in need with free spectacles.
  • Built a clinic in Patensie.
  • Regularly sponsor a doctor to visit our employees in the Addo district.
  • Help with Alcohol rehabilitation.

Community Support

  • Distributing 300 food parcels a month in Hankey and Patensie.
  • Endulini Fruit Soccer Team: Every season we sponsor all our farm’s soccer teams with kits and equipment to play matches.
  • We support the upliftment of women in our community through donations and housing support.
  • We provide free accommodation.
  • Our wages are higher than the prescribed minimum.
  • We bought homes for permanent staff and transferred title deeds into their names.
  • Free transport.
  • Supporting the community rugby team with clothing, transport and the organising of functions.
  • Supporting the Patensie charity, Helping Hands, by making land available for them to build a school for disabled children.
  • Supplying subsidised electricity to all of our staff.
  • We also organise citrus parcel drop-offs for old age homes.