Natural goodness
from tree to table

Natural goodness
from tree to table


Our farms are located in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, with production units in Patensie and Kirkwood. As farmers, we consider ourselves stewards of the land, which is why sustainability is a daily commitment in our orchards.

Growing and producing high-quality, great-tasting citrus begins on the farm. Our growing locations are crucial to our commitment of providing the freshest, high-quality citrus from tree to table.

We grow our citrus in the best soils using the right root stocks in conjunction with effective farming practices, to produce the highest-quality pieces of fruit. From innovation to sustainable practices, we ensure that our citrus is ripe, tasty and ready to eat.

We’re passionate about growing high-quality, great-tasting citrus products

We’re passionate about growing high-quality, great-tasting citrus products

First and foremost, we’re growers. That means we control the land and have oversight over the entire process from planting to picking, from tree to table. This means you get consistent, fresh citrus – every time.

An experienced field evaluation team continually measures our products’ internal and external characteristics such as size, colour, sugar-to-acid ratios and the external quality of the fruit throughout the year.

Using handheld technology, the team provides near real-time intelligence that enables us to harvest our fruit at the optimal point of maturity, which matches the fruit to our customers’ needs and guarantees a better product for our customers.

Sustainability: Farming and Pest Control

We strongly believe in creating a culture of acceptance of ownership at all levels of the organisation, that is why we champion sustainability.

Our acreage and scale allows us to be at the forefront of progressive agricultural techniques, including water conservation efforts and integrated pest management programmes.

Our quest for quality starts in the orchard. We are farmers at heart so from seedling to tree, from flower bud to citrus fruit, we carefully control every step of the growing process. Quality management processes continuously measure internal and external quality characteristics to ensure that produce is harvested at optimal maturity.

As part of our quest for environmental sustainability we constantly look at ways to improve our supply chain, looking for new practices that drive productivity and quality.
We also have an integrated pest management system in place where the spraying of chemicals is kept to a minimum and natural predators are released to help control pests. Water management is optimised with the latest technology such as an irrigation system using micro-irrigation.

Innovation and environmentally friendly Farming

At Endulini Fruit we want to create a harmonious relationship between our farming practices and the environment. We aim to create unity between our agricultural activities and the natural world by operating our farms in a sustainable manner, which is at the root of our business model.

By implementing innovative agricultural practices we can produce safe and healthy fruit within the parameters of the economic, social and environmental sustainability of our business. This includes the protection of the fauna and flora on our farms, protection of water sources and ensuring water security.

We work towards a more sustainable future by focusing on forward-thinking innovation, environment friendly farming practices and continuous improvement.

As caretakers of nature we produce our fruit in the most responsible manner and always take the utmost care to minimise our environmental impact. Some of our environmental practices include – not using harsh chemicals in the production of our crops, creating habitat corridors for the natural movement of fauna and flora, raising environmental awareness amongst workers and their families living on the farms, proactive and preventative water pollution measures, and implementation of micro-irrigation to ensure effective water uptake, reducing water usage per tonnes citrus produced.


Sweet and juicy as nature intended.