Ensuring the highest quality

Ensuring the highest quality

Quality Guarantee

Our quality assurance process ensures that we provide the best possible products and services to customers. Along the supply chain we continuously aim to improve our processes to ensure we meet our customer expectations and supply optimal quality.

We follow strict protocols to ensure that the receiving, grading, packing and refrigeration and export of fruit is completed in an efficient manner, while meeting the important parameters of Food Safety, Food Quality, Traceability and Legality.


Our Quality Assurance Team

Our dedicated Quality Assurance Team ensure that the highest standards are applied throughout the supply chain and are present at the packing of all products.

Our strict adherence to the GlobalGAP requirements, the use of state-of-the-art technology and our team of highly qualified farmers, technicians and staff, ensures that the fruit produced and exported is only the best.

Endulini Fruit is fully BRC, GlobalGAP certified and is a registered and a compliant member of various grower associations of SIZA, TESCO and Walmart.

Full product traceability starts in the orchard, as we have systems in place that can trace every fruit from tree to table. We also undergo rigorous industry audits and certifications annually to review all of our systems and processes.


Compliance Audit List